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High-res signals over fiber; 20-inch structured wiring enclosures; RJ-45-to-110 panel; MORE...

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High-res signals over fiber

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The Pure Digital Fiberlink 7220 Series is billed as the first optical-fiber link to transmit high-resolution RGB and stereo audio signals over one singlemode or multimode cable strand. Designed to compete with twisted-pair solutions, the Fiberlink series features all-digital processing and trasmission operating a single wavelength, delivering clear video and high-fidelity audio with no signal degradation over the entire transmission path. Applications include installations for airport or transportation hubs, auditoriums, and stadiums.

20-inch structured wiring enclosures

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The Home Axcess 20-inch enclosures hold up to three modules (HAX-201) or come loaded with three brackets holding up to nine modules (HAX-203). The enclosure can be surface- or flush-mounted, and features multiple side-cable loops for orderly cable management, pre-installed module brackets, numerous knockouts for cable entry, and two j-box cutouts. Both enclosures are UL-listed and backed by a 15-year warranty.

RJ-45-to-110 panel

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ADC's Category 6 RJ-45-to-110 patch panel features the company's patented angle right/angle left technology designed to improve cable management. The panel also features universal T568A and T568B wiring schemes for diverse data connectivity requirements in the enterprise network.

Simplifying T-1 testing

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Created to simplify the work of telco installers, ISPs, and corporate network and telecom administrators who deal with T-1 circuits, the D630 T-Spanner hand-held tester offers one-touch capabilities. With one button, the 630 will show whether a T-1 carrier is present, display signal strength, identify framing and line coding, and detect whether the payload data is changing. The tester also indicates standard network alarm conditions, and when framing is present, it displays cumulative counts of line and path code violations. The 630 will also respond to loop-up requests, and can let you know if your cable is properly connected to a T-1 port, or warn you if the connection appears to be open or shorted.

Multi-fiber products

Berk-Tek offers a comprehensive line of pre-terminated, multi-fiber cables in a variety of cable constructions and connector types. Designed to improve end-to-end attenuation and application migration capabilities, the factory-terminated cables feature the complete line of the company's GIGAlite enhanced multimode and singlemode fiber, and are available in Adventum, ArmorTek, premise distribution, and ribbon fiber constructions. Each pre-terminated cable is built to the customer's performance requirements, application migration plans, and installation environment.

High-power cordless hammer/drill

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For installations through metal, cement, masonry or heavy wood, the UH-240-A cam-action hammer/drill/driver offers corded performance in a 24-volt cordless tool. A three-gear system features forward and reverse functions, and the manufacturer claims the tool offers the highest torque available among all battery-powered tools on the market. Two battery options are available: a 3.0-amp/hour rechargeable NiMH or a 2.0-amp/hour NiCd.

Power punch in a small space

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The HP UPS R5500 XR is an uninterruptible power system designed to provide power protection in tight spaces. The 5000 VA UPS delivers 4500 watts and combines hot swap batteries and electronics in only 3U (5.25 inches). With an electronic design using digital signal processors rather than a transformer, the device, according to the manufacturer, weighs 30% less than comparable products. It also provides voltage regulation without using the battery. Option cards are available for SNMP, networking, multi-server, and operating system control.

Splice meister

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The FSM-50S is billed as the world's fastest singlemode core-alligning fusion splicer, with splice time reduced to nine seconds and splice protector shrink time educed to 35 seconds. Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the FSM-40S, this new generation splicer is equipped with the company's Profile Allignment System for precise core-to-core fiber alignment, designed to enable consistent low splice loss and accurate loss estimartion regardless of fiber type or quality. The fiber clamp arms are incorporated into the wind protector assembly, reducing fiber placement operational time while contributing to faster cycle times and increased productivity rate.

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