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Jan. 1, 2004
Modular fiber network tester; Home cabling powering system; Singlemode fiber connectors; MORE...

New products from the following manufacturers will be featured at the BICSI Winter conference in Orlando, FL, January 12-15. If you're headed to the show, you can learn more about these products by visiting the booth listed; or, go to the company's Web site.

Modular fiber network tester

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The N38900A modular network tester is a portable, lightweight tool for installation ..and maintenance of optical-fiber networks. Snap-on measurement modules include OTDR and OSA test engines, and a 1x12 optical switch module. A video microscope camera can be connected to ensure clean, fast and safe connector inspection. Navigate by your choice of touch screen or cursor control.
Booth #108

Home cabling powering system

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The FlexPoint UPS powering system for customer premise equipment provides power for fiber-to-the-home, cable telephony, video and data services. The system ..includes Power-Ring, an electrical utility meter base extender providing a gap between the meter and base so that the Power-Ring Converter can tap the electrical power-converting 240 volts AC to a nominal 12 volts DC that feeds either the outdoor battery module or the subscriber's network interface device. The Home Converter is located inside the subscriber's home and converts the AC voltage to a nominal 12 volts DC. Battery modules are available in 18 or 30 watts, both designed for outdoor placement.
BOOTH #522

Singlemode fiber connectors

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The singlemode version of the company's LightCrimp Plus fiber connector features a new fiber-splice technology designed for precision alignment of cabled fiber to the factory-polished stubbed ferrule. This, says the company, lets you obtain low insertion loss and low reflectance. According to the company, the connectors are especially suited for direct termination applications at patch panels and wall outlets, and for either backbone or horizontal cabling. The connectors exceed TIA/EIA 568-B.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 insertion loss and return loss specifications.
Booth #319 - #321

Flange-mount enclosures for circuit breakers

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Premier Series flange-mount disconnect enclosures are available in 30 single-door, wall-mount models that house industry-leading operating mechanisms for ..disconnect switches and circuit breakers. Features include padlock-able door handle and latching system, instructions for locating and installing disconnect, and a hardware kit consisting of panel-mounting nuts, grounding hardware and sealing washers for mounting holes.
Booth #904 - #906

Versatile fiber testing platform

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LANscape Solutions Model 500 optical multitester is an optical-fiber testing platform featuring test and measurement options for OTDR (60 to 80% of range in 15 to 30 seconds), connector inspection, chromatic and polarization mode dispersion, optical spectral analysis, and Gigabit Ethernet system testing. The ..multitester can be equipped with a light source and power meter for complete end-to-end loss testing, while a Visual Fault Locator option lets you visually locate breaks at patch panels and identify specific optical fibers within a cable.
Booth #314

Tight-buffered, fire-rated fiber

Draka Comteq USA now offers OFNP-rated optical-fiber cable with up to 144 fiber in addition to OFNR-rated cables with up to 156 fibers. According to the company, the tightly buffered cables offer greater flexibility than loose-tube design, and are built for installation in riser shafts or plenum environments within buildings, or in tray or conduit between buildings. Cables are produced with sub-groups of up to 12 optical fibers each to permit easy routing and identification. The company says the higher fiber count provides space savings since fewer cables can be terminated to serve more locations, resulting in reduced installation time and cost.
Booth #601

125-km GbitE converters

A new line of media converters is designed to transmit Gigabit Ethernet signals up to 125 km over singlemode optical-fiber cable. These extended reach converters, which the company says give users the ability to stretch their GbitE fiber links up to 80% further than comparable devices, are available as copper to fiber or multimode to singlemode. Features include autonegotiation; AutoCross, which lets you make connections without a crossover cable; Link Pass Through, which detects interrupted communications and reports to administrators; Pause identification, which passes pause signaling unhindered, allowing devices that are pause-enabled to operate properly.
Booth #308

Modular optical-fiber connectivity system

The Systimax InstaPATCH system is a high-density, factory-terminated and tested modular fiber connectivity solution designed to let you quickly connect Systimax components together. Industry standard 12-fiber multi-fiber push-on (MPO) connectors are pre-fitted to InstaPATCH cables, and need no on-site preparation. Distribution shelves with 96 LC small-form-factor connectors, according to the company, have higher fiber density than comparable products. Data center managers can multiply the number of available fiber connections without extending or reorganizing their centers. The current InstaPATCH range includes 12 and 24-fiber ribbon cables based on Systimax LazrSPEED 150 or 300 fibers, which are designed to provide guaranteed 10-Gbits/sec end-to-end transmission on each fiber.
BOOTH #414 - #416

Transceiver goes out on the edge

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The 10+ Gigabit Multi-Rate EPX6100 transceiver, a test module housed inside the EPX platform, is designed as a flexible tool for system manufacturers who ..are developing next-gen SONET/SDH 0systems for more efficient use of bandwidth in metro and edge networks. It can function as a stand-alone test module for SONET frame section line, and one channel of data; or, as part of a set of modules for more complex applications-processing as many as 192 channels of data simultaneously. The EPX6100 is designed to support hybrid payloads and independent configuration of payloads to simulate live traffic. With its ability to generate and monitor all channels simultaneously, the transceiver enables complete testing, including bit-error-rate, hybrid concatenation, and service-disruption switch time.
Booth #418

Small-form-factor pluggable transceivers

A line of Gigabit Ethernet products that use small-form-factor pluggable transceivers have an LC receptacle designed to support singlemode or multimode fiber, or as single wavelengths (or channels) for the CWDM options. These SFP optics require that you select a copper-to-fiber or fiber-to-fiber line card. The devices can be used in any of the company's products that support pluggable optics, helping to minimize inventory requirements and protect investments when network needs change.
Booth #804 - #806

High-visibility portable cord

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Yellow high-visibility Carolprene 600 V rubber cord is designed for portable cord applications requiring 105° C ratings. The cord's oil- and water-resistant jackets, says the manufacturer, meet all commercial and industrial applications. UL-listed, and CSA-certified, the portable cords are approved for indoor or outdoor use.
Booth #205 - #207

10-Gbit Ethernet to go, please

The 10-Gigabit Ethernet EasyLAN cabling solution is a complete pre-assembled backbone system with a choice of rack or wall-mount hardware. A pulling grip option is available that provides easier installation and protection to connectors during installation. The system is factory-tested and delivered to the job site ready to go. Once the solution is installed, according to the company, it will support all bandwidth-intensive voice and data applications for tomorrow's networks.
Booth #1020

Tabletop faceplates

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Three new faceplates for the company's deQuorum Worksurface Portal install in conference tables, workstations and other surfaces to provide access to power, voice and data without "pop-up" components or lids that must remain open during use. The KA305 plate accepts all mini AAP offerings, from jacks to plug-in microphones to specialty audio/video components. The KA302 offers cable management via a series of "fingers" that keep cables in place. The KA301 is ..designed for communications or multimedia connectivity that requires a single-gang faceplate. All are designed to offer ample space for electrical and communications connections, and are made so that wires and cables exit the device while the cover is closed and flush with the table.
Booth #505

Cat 6 cable for 10-Gbit Ethernet

Krone says it has demonstrated the first augmented Category 6 cable to have the necessary characteristics for enabling 10-Gigabit Ethernet over UTP to the full 100 meters required for structured cabling systems. The new augmented Cat 6 cable was designed and developed at Krone's cable manufacturing facility in Sidney, NE. According to the company, the cable demonstrates 21 Gbits/sec due to improved alien crosstalk immunity and reduced insertion loss.
Booth #712

Portable power analyzer

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The PA-9Plus portable power quality analyzer records power quality and power flow information simultaneously. Recorded information can be viewed via a built-in graphics display, downloaded to a computer using the serial interface and optional modem, or transferred using an optional removable flash memory module. New phase lock loop (PLL) technology featured in the PA-9Plus is designed to increase the instrument's frequency measurement ..range, and offers an auto-ranging frequency measurement and recording over a 20 to 70 Hz input range. The instrument trends important flicker measurements while continuing to record events, RMS voltage/current trending, power, energy, waveforms, and harmonies.
Booth #715

Far East-friendly

The LANTEK 1.3 firmware/software suite includes simplified Chinese language support to help ease integration of the company's line of cable certifiers into the fast-growing Chinese networking market. LANTEK cable certifiers are designed for network installation and troubleshooting. LANTEK 7 can measure up to 750 MHz and is capable of certifying to the full 600 MHz range specified in the Category 7/ISO E cable tester, with a frequency range up to 350 MHz.
Booth #619 - #621

Data center, medical network white papers

Data Center Solutions and IP Enhanced Medical Networks are new white papers from The Siemon Company. The data center document discusses trends and provides a planning guide that addresses various infrastructures and components—including the cabling system. The medical networks paper discusses advances in medical imaging technologies and patient information storage, as well as ramifications of increased data and traffic on hospital networks.
Booth #518 - #520

Identifying your connections

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The single-port classic faceplate with station ID accepts all of the manufacturer's modular connectors and inserts, and is designed to fit any standard single-gang NEMA electrical box or proprietary mounting and junction box. This ID faceplate provides a simple method of identifying each connectivity location when you use the enclosed labels and clear protective covers. A blank faceplate is also available for concealing unterminated cables while allowing for future access.
Booth #623

Category 5e 50-pair backbone cable

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The company's family of data-grade backbone cables has been expanded toinclude what it claims is the industry's first Category 5e 50-pair cable approved for use in riser- and plenum-rated applications. The cable features two bonded 25-..pair legs designed for easier cable-pulling and greater flexibility. An easy-tear web design helps allow quick separation in the field. The cables are component-compliant to power sum backbone requirements specified in TIA/EIA 568-B.2.
Booth #309

Advanced fiber media converters

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Four new modules have been added to the iConverter line of managed media converters. The GX/X is a Gigabit Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet fiber converter that uses switch-repeater technology that can be used in network extension by cascading converters with individual segments of up to 80 km. The 2Fx is a Fast Ethernet to Fast Ethernet fiber converter that can be used in network extension by cascading converters with individual segments of up to 120 km. The GX/F is a Gigabit Ethernet to Fast Ethernet converter designed to enable seamless integration of Gigabit with legacy Fast Ethernet networks. The 10/100VT is a 10/100 copper to fiber converter designed for efficient delivery of data and IP services via remotely manageable edge equipment.
Booth #708

Angled punch-down patch panels

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DP6 Plus and DP5e angled punch-down patch panels are specifically designed to meet the latest TIA/EIA specifications for Category 6 and 5e. The devices facilitate proper bend radius of each cable as it is routed directly into a vertical manager, eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers. The system is designed to manage high-density network equipment in up to half the area required by conventional cable management systems, and lets you increase rack density and reduce telecommunication room square footage requirements. The DP6 Plus panels feature the company's punch-down termination style on the back, while the DP5e features 110-style termination.
Booth #701 - #703

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