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Surveillance camera, recording system; Foam rubber firestopping withstands 3-hour test; Connector removal tool for coaxial cabling; MORE...

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Surveillance camera, recording system

The QuickCapture A2D camera system, featuring the SpiderCam high-resolution video camera, is suited for security and surveillance installations. SpiderCam, designed specifically for extreme applications, provides what the manufacturer claims is a quality image (480+ line) down to 0.1 lux lighting. QuickCaptureA2D is a portable, analog/digital tapeless video recorder. It features integrated media conversion capability that lets you record analog video without further capturing or rendering. It can also play back captured video content on analog monitors.

Foam rubber firestopping withstands 3-hour test

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A new version of the Firsto firestop with Actifoam fire-resistant foam rubber has successfully withstood a fire test lasting ..three hours. When the firestop was positioned completely on the exposed fire, no smoke emission occurs at the unexposed side during the first hour of the test. Three-hour fire-resistance certification applies when the firestop is installed at the upper side of a floor or at both sides of a wall; when the system is installed at the underside of a floor or at one side of a wall, the certified fire resistance is two hours. The metal firestops are of modular construction, and are assembled around the cable tray against the wall or on the floor. It allows cables to be added or removed after the initial installation. The metal casing consists of a housing, attachment brackets, and a cover, which are fitted against the wall or on the floor. A fire-resistant packing is applied between the casing and the wall or floor. Inside the casing, inserts made of fire-resistant and thermally insulating Actifoam foam rubber are placed all around, against the walls and under the cover. The space around the cable tray and between the cables is filled up with Actifoam inserts and with Actifoam separation profiles, respectively. The systems are supplied fully assembled.

Connector removal tool for coaxial cabling

The RT-F716 and RT-BNC tools in the Cablematic line let technicians remove connectors from coaxial cables. The RT-F716 has a 7/16-inch head for F connectors, while the RT-BNC has a formed head specifically for BNC connectors. The socket on each RT extends eight inches from the handle, providing easy access to connectors in high-density locations, such as racks.

Aluminum box saddles contractor gear

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A new style of Weather Guard aluminum deep-saddle boxes is designed to fit compact pick-up trucks with short beds and wheel wells located to the front of the bed. The new style aluminum saddle box features a notched-bottom design that will fit short-bed vehicles from manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, GM, and Dodge. The saddle boxes are available in diamond-plate aluminum with either a clear coat or black powder coat finish. They are designed to suspend from the side rails of pick-up trucks, and provide a storage capacity of 8.9 cubic feet. A single cover style conceals the full-length aluminum piano hinge and provides access for large, bulky items. The latch system with patented automotive-style red pushbutton on both ends of the box allows for one-handed opening from either side of the truck.

Current monitor prevents equipment downtime

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The Model TPC2976 current-monitoring and power-control system is a 19-inch rack-mount control panel with two individual current meters. The system lets users connect two individual pieces of equipment or two power strips to AC receptacles. The power draw of each piece of equipment can be individually monitored on the front panel current meters, letting users accurately identify power draw without external meters, ensuring proper system loading, and preventing equipment downtime. The TPC2976 also features an on/off/start switch with an emergency power-off switch. The start switch uses a latching circuit that prevents the equipment from automatically restarting after a power outage. The all-steel enclosure is 1U tall, 19 inches wide, and seven inches deep.

Soil marker warns diggers

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This soil marker is used for flush above-ground markings. The highly visible markers can be used where marker ..posts won't work. They are more permanent than flags and paint, the manufacturer says, and will not get in the way of construction equipment or lawn mowers. Each unit includes a seven-inch UV-stabilized polypropylene disk and a 13-inch two-barb black stake. Disks can be custom-printed. Various colors are available.

Scissor-lift workstation increases productivity

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The JLG workstation includes a stowable bench, 110-V outlet for power tools, specially sized compartments for fasteners and ..connectors, plus tools holders that will accommodate a reciprocating saw, hammer drill, pipe bender, and circular saw. The workstation is also available with a built-in 12-V plug to power customer cordless tool battery chargers. A rail-mounted vise can be used for cutting or bending conduit. Packages can be customized to include a tree supporting six cable spools. The workstation complements the manufacturer's Pro-Fit Scissor Lift series.

Equipment boxes mount with flanges

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Econobox die-cast aluminum boxes feature external mounting brackets that can be mounted on a wall or panel without having to remove the cover and expose the internal components to the environment. They are equipped with a permanently fastening, 0.09-inches thick mounting bracket that accepts up to #10 mounting screws (not included). The ..boxes are priced, sold, and packaged for sale in quantities of one. Suggested applications include instrument and meter cases, filter networks, junction boxes, and switching. They are also appropriate for concealed or other interior use where a safety closure is necessary. Boxes are available in natural aluminum or smooth black powder coat finish, and feature a close-fitting cover attached with screws. Fifteen different sizes range from 2×2×1.25-inches to 7.5×7.5×2.6-inches. Cover mounting holes are roll-threaded and screws are captive and recessed.

Kit designed for voice and data testing

This telephone/telecom test kit provides field technicians with a selection of test lead cords compatible with all standard telephone systems, data and voice transmission test sets, and wideband circuit path/interconnect devices. All the test cords are designed to withstand field-use conditions. The standard kit contains 13 cables designed to facilitate test and access of high-speed data interfaces, including T-1/DS-1. The various connector interfaces include miniature 3-conductor nicked phone plugs, PJ-051 nickel phone plugs, piercing alligator clips, RJ-48 plugs with molded grip, and DB-15 connectors with metal hoods and long thumbscrews. The shielded paired cable has a high-flex PVC jacket, color-coded ends, and labels that clearly indicate TX Tip and Ring and RX Tip and Ring legs. The kit includes a zippered soft carry case that has pockets and compartments for cables and manuals. Custom-designed test leads having other connectors, such as mini-hooks, scope probes, and other features, are also available.

Single UTP cable for video and data

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The Brilliance VideoTwist UTP cable is designed to eliminate the need for two separate cables for video/data installations by delivering both high-quality video and data performance. VideoTwist cables perform reliably, says ..the company, when used in component video displays, standard premises Ethernet installations, and blade edge computing/KVM applications. VideoTwist cables provide video transmission distances to 1,300 feet and beyond, depending on transmission equipment. The VideoTwist series includes three UTP cable types: VideoTwist NanoSkew 7987, intended for video-only transmissions; VideoTwist 7988, which meets Category 5e specifications and can be used for component video, data, and KVM applications; and VideoTwist 7989, which meets Category 6 specifications and can be used for component video, data, and KVM. All three types are available in plenum and riser versions.

Fast, small, light mass fusion splicer

The S199M24 24-fiber mass fusion splicer is capable of fusing up to 24 fibers simultaneously. Weighing 3.4 kilograms and with 150×150×150-mm dimensions, the S199M24 splices singlemode fiber in 40 seconds. According to the manufacturer, all these features are realized by using a compact optical observation unit (newly developed lens system), and a compact power supply, which can provide a greater arc discharge power for 24-fiber ribbon splicing. The machine also can handle non-zero dispersion-shifted 24-fiber ribbon, multimode fiber, and other fiber types. By replacing the fiber holders, the S199M24 can also splice individual fibers, and smaller-quantity (2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-fiber) ribbons. Using a 24-fiber mass fusion splicer eliminates the need to split ribbons, thereby significantly reducing the total time required to connect two cables.

Male-to-female coax adapter for RF applications

The 7-16 male-to-N female adapter is intended for a number of radio-frequency (RF) applications. The adapter is made of silver-plated brass and operates in the DC-to-8-GHz bandwidth. Its manufacturer says it is ideally suited for RF laboratory testing solutions, production applications, and field use. The adapter carries a one-year product warranty and is priced at $22.70 apiece.

Cable ties install by hand

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The Unirap line of cable ties includes Tefxel and Halar, aerial support spacer, identification, hook-and-loop ties, mounting bases, tools, and ties for military applications. The Unirap line features a new catalog numbering system and packaging. The product line is designed for both field and production line applications, and can be installed by hand. Compact heads and pre-bent tips facilitate quick and space-efficient cable bundling. All ties are fabricated of one-piece nylon with no metal parts. They are resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, and diluted acids.

802.11b/g test receiver has internal GPS

The latest innovation in the Yellowjacket 802.11b/a/g family is the Yellowjacket Plus 802.11b/g. It contains an internal 12-channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver for real-time geocoding of all 802.11 measurements. These measurements may then be plugged into the manufacturer's outdoor GPS mapping software, Dolphin, for absolute 802.11b/g coverage analysis. In addition to the GPS capability, the Yellowjacket Plus 802.11b/g has all the features of other tools in the Yellowjacket line: capability to interface with HP's iPAW PocketPC in sweeping, analyzing, and optimizing 2.4-GHz WiFi networks; ability to measure all 14 OFDM/DSSS network channels for instant analysis of any access point's MAC; RF spectrum protocol analysis and direction-finding capability.

Mini cable pathway requires no firestopping

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The mini version of thr manufacturer's EZ-Path fire-rated cable pathway is a solution for cables and wires penetrating fire-rated walls. Designed to hold up to 15 Category 6 cables, EZ-Path Mini has all the performance features of the standard EZ-Path fire-rated pathway, in a compact size. It features a built-in firestopping system that automatically adjusts to the number of cables installed, allowing for easy moves, adds, or changes. Whether empty or 100% visually full, the UL-classified and FM-approved EZ-Path device offers resistance to fire and ..smoke. Measuring 1.5×1.5×10.5 inches in outside diameter, the EZ-Path Mini is appropriate for smaller applications.

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