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The Sticklers FTTH fiber cleaning kit is the award-winning newest addition to the Sticklers cleaning portfolio. “Since these various kits are tailored to specific tasks, they make it easy to deploy the fast and effective cleaning so essential for fiber networks,” the company said. “The new Sticklers FTTH kit contains everything a tech needs to clean thousands of connectors-the Sticklers Connector Cleaning Fluid, Sticklers CleanStixx cleaning sticks and Sticklers CleanWipe lint-free wipes. Everything is packaged in a high-availability Sticklers bag, which is roomy enough for other tools. Altogether there are well over 1,000 cleanings in each kit.”

Sticklers adds that, uniquely, the FTTH cleaning kit emphasizes wet-dry cleaning, “which outperforms other techniques. The Sticklers cleaning fluid is engineered for fiber optics. This high-quality fluid cleans better than alcohol, dries quickly, leaves no residues and remains factory-pure indefinitely.” The part number is #MCC-FK09.

Sticklers by MicroCare Corporation,

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The latest addition to the polishing area of Fiber Optic Center’s cable assembly line is the Air Cleanse cleaning wand kit. “This innovative handheld cleaning wand has an integrated pressurized fluid and filter system for a debris-free cleaning operation,” the company says. “Use the wand to clean polishing media from any surface including the polishing fixture, film or machine.” The wand was developed as a solution to scratches on the fiber endface caused by improper cleaning. “The Air Cleanse wand can accurately spray air, fluid or a pressurized mist and comes with a 2-μm filtering system that eliminates process variables associated with contaminated cleaning fluids. It can be used to lubricate polishing film between process steps.”

Fiber Optic Center,

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AFL’s One-Click Cleaner MPO and its NeoClean-M are specifically designed for cleaning MPO and MTP multifiber connectors used in data centers and other high-density optical networks. The One-Click Cleaner MPO “uses the innovative push-to-clean design,” AFL explains. “The mechanical push action advances the optical-grade cleaning tape while effectively and gently cleaning the endface of the connector.”

The NeoClean-M also uses a one-push operation, which AFL explains “simplifies cleaning of the ferrule endface of both MPO/MTP exposed connectors and connectors in adapters. The one-push operation advances the microfiber tape while effectively and gently cleaning the endface of the connector.” AFL adds that these push-to-clean-style connectors “simplify the previously complex cleaning process." AFL is the North American seller of Fujikura and NTT MPO cleaners.


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