Belden-Hirschmann unveils new entry-level Ethernet switch for industrial networks

New Hirschmann Gigabit Ethernet switch offers flexible port options, plus a range of software features optimized for the power and transportation industries.

Belden-Hirschmann unveils new entry-level Ethernet switch for industrial networks
Belden-Hirschmann unveils new entry-level Ethernet switch for industrial networks

Belden has launched a new Gigabit Ethernet switch from its Hirschmann division. The company says its new GREYHOUND Ethernet switch is designed for industrial environments that need cost-effective, entry-level devices, with rugged features to handle demanding applications.

Belden says the new product line has been built to easily adapt through field-exchangeable ports, whether the customer needs copper, fiber or Gigabit port options. The company notes that, as network needs change, customers need flexibility and an easy way to keep pace with evolving requirements.

“Unlike standard products or even configurable products from the factory, GREYHOUND is not limited by design – it offers a unique combination of price, ports and software features,” said Belden product manager Jürgen Schmid. “Network administrators can adjust the product as many times as they need to, all while in the field. The installation is fast, easy and flexible.”

The GREYHOUND switch is available in two basic versions, with configurable options including: (16) Fast Ethernet TX ports; (8) Fast Ethernet TX ports, plus (8) Fast Ethernet small form-factor pluggable ports; and (4) optional Gigabit Ethernet combination ports in either configuration.

The ruggedized switches have been especially designed to handle demanding electrical power generation and distribution applications, including new installations and retrofits of existing substations. The device also performs well in transportation and industrial automation applications, such as railroad optical networks and traffic surveillance on highways.

“Many of these industrial applications are under extreme price pressure – both to keep their costs down and their customer’s pricing low,” adds Belden's Schmid. “The GREYHOUND was designed, and priced, with these pressures in mind – it’s an ideal entry-level device for these markets.”

For enhanced network protection and uptime, the GREYHOUND line also offers advanced features through Hirschmann’s operating system, HiOS. The available software feature range includes network management, diagnostics and filter functions, as well as comprehensive security mechanisms.

Learn more about the GREYHOUND Gigabit Ethernet Switch from Belden-Hirschmann.

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