Sumitomo re-boots Lynx2 splice-on fiber-optic connectors for faster field cabling terminations

With the patented Lynx2-PLUS field installable splice-on connectors, termination time for 2- and 3-mm cord applications has been reduced by half, claims the company.

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Optical fiber and connectivity solutions specialist Sumitomo Electric Lightwave has released the next generation of its Lynx2-PLUS CustomFit splice-on connectors, with a fresh design geared to enable faster real-time and on-site fiber-optic terminations, enhanced cabling installation procedure, and improved packaging for data center, enterprise network, FTTx, fiber distribution hub, and other communication provider connectivity applications.

With the patented Lynx2-PLUS field installable splice-on connectors, termination time for 2- and 3-mm cord applications has been reduced by half, for complete connectorization in approximately 2 minutes, and for 250 and 900-micron in 96 seconds or less, says the company. The new connectors no longer require furcation tubing for 2- and 3-mm applications, resulting in shorter, more aesthetic connectors. The finished product mirrors factory pre-terminated jumpers, trunks, harnesses, and arrays, contends Sumitomo.

Compatible with all SC, LC, FC and ST style fiber-optic connectors, Sumitomo says the Lynx2-PLUS offers real-time, on-site flexibility and immediate scalability for quick MACs, repairs, and restorations for minimal downtime. Notably, the connectors also eliminate crimping tools, gels, splice trays, and the inventory of varying length of pre-terminated jumpers streamlining fiber termination and infrastructure design. The company adds that product line's new 4ct. packaging improves efficiency with faster package entry, easier component access, and a more efficient assembly process.

As with the previously launched Lynx2-MPO connector, with the new connectors, customized, on-site, real-time field terminations and cable builds at exact lengths are made possible, enabling quick, easy, and reliable customized permanent field terminations without the shorts, excess slack, and logistic delays of pre-terminated cables. The new splice-on connectors provide APC, UPC, and PC (MMF) polishing options and yields average insertion losses of only 0.15dB for single-mode fiber and 0.10dB for multimode fiber. The connectors are compatible with Sumitomo’s Quantum Fusion Splicers and can also be used with other splicer brands.

“With the release of the Lynx2-PLUS, we maintained all of the quality standards of the Lynx2, while providing our customers with even faster deployments, increased productivity, and reduced costs,” says Joshua Seawell, the company’s Director of Lightwave Network Products. The Lynx2-PLUS will be showcased in the New Product Pavilion at the upcoming BICSI Winter 2015 Conference (Feb. 22-26), and at Sumitomo's booth #427.

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