Plenum-rated surface mount boxes

March 29, 2016
Three of Panduit’s surface mount boxes can be installed in air-handling spaces to support devices like wireless access points and security cameras.

Panduit Corporation recently announced that a family of its surface mount boxes have received UL 2043 certification, allowing the boxes to be used to route connectivity in air-handling spaces. “Equipment such as wireless access points, security cameras, safety systems, intelligent lighting, and audio/video components are frequently installed in the ceiling and require a plenum-rated connectivity solution,” the company said. “The Panduit Mini-Com surface mount boxes join other Panduit plenum-rated components—RJ45 jacks, cords, and horizontal cabling, as well as hook-and-loop cable ties and J hooks—to deliver a complete connectivity solution for plenum applications.”

Three Panduit surface mount boxes carry the plenum certification: a one-port box and two different two-port boxes. All three accept Panduit Mini-Com brand modules. UL 2043, Panduit explained, is awarded to products that have passed testing to prove the products help to limit the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. The solution is also compliant with the latest Power over Ethernet standards, the company noted.

Dennis Renaud, vice president of Panduit’s enterprise business, commented, “Panduit recognizes that applications like wireless and security are growing rapidly, driving the need for a connectivity solution that is certified to be used in the ceiling. This latest certification means that Panduit can provide customers with a complete plenum solution that meets the latest standards and helps protect building occupants, while also delivering the high-quality performance our customers expect from Panduit.”

You can view Panduit’s plenum solutions applications guide here.

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