REVConnect system from Belden supports IP convergence with RJ45 connectivity

Sept. 30, 2016
REV stands for ‘reliable, easy, versatile,’ and Belden’s new platform uses a single termination method for Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A RJ45 jacks and plugs.

Belden recently launched its REVConnect connectivity system, which the company explains “addresses a critical market need for reliable and easy terminations that support IP convergence over a range of applications from wired LAN to wireless access points, high-definition displays, security cameras and building automation sensors.”

REVConnect uses a single termination method, using a universal termination core, for all Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A RJ45 connections.

The connectivity platform has been available since September 19.

The company explained that REV stands for Reliable, Easy, and Versatile, and further characterized REVConnect as follows.

Reliability is driven by the nature of the connection. REVConnect features a highly reliable termination for a secure, gas-tight connection that is proven to reduce rework at all category levels.

Ease is driven by REVConnect’s universal wiring manager, which supports all Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A cables, as well as a single tool that covers all steps of the termination process, including cable preparation. These two features combine to provide contractors a 30- to 60-percent termination time savings.

Versatility is embodied by the system’s universal core; contractors can terminate a jack or a plug onto the same core interface. This means that field-terminable plugs, which support Category 6A and high PoE performance, can be terminated just as quickly and easily as a jack. An animated image of a REVConnect plug connection is shown immediately below.

Kristen Poulos, Belden’s vice president of global marketing, noted, “The feedback from our installer and consultant communities was tremendous in shaping REVConnect. Beyond pushing the limits of connectivity performance, REVConnect also addresses key needs for an everyday installation—a simple, fast termination for all category cables, including UTP, shielded and Belden’s bonded-pair. In addition, with today’s Wave 2 wireless access points, PTZ [pan, tilt, zoom] cameras, LED lighting, and sensors, the need for a high-performing, field-terminable plug could not be ignored. We feel that REVConnect is truly a game-changer, supporting the performance and power requirements of today and tomorrow while offering unprecedented time savings and versatility at the jobsite.

“The core interface of REVConnect is something special, no doubt,” Poulos continued. “When people see it, they will see that the eight connectors supported by it today are only just the beginning. This technology, paired with Belden’s 10GXS Bonded-Pair cables demonstrates Belden’s commitment to innovation and delivering high-performance products that meet the market need.”

Belden is offering free samples of the REVConnect product. You can obtain a free sample, and learn more about the REVConnect platform, here.

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