RocketPatch packaging system increases speed and efficiency of patch cord installation

Oct. 3, 2016
The packaging system features a T-shaped insert that eliminates the need for twist ties and plastic bags for patch cord installation projects.

RocketPatch LLC recently launched its namesake product, RocketPatch, which is a patent-pending packaging technology that the company explains “increases the speed and efficiency of patch cord installation, reduces waste and makes transport and management of patch cord inventory more convenient.”

The packaging system was designed by cabling installers for cabling installers, RocketPatch emphasizes; it uses a T-shaped insert (pictured below) to securely fit each patch cord. The company says this packaging approach allows “for quick removal and hassle-free installation by eliminating the need for twist ties and plastic bags. The corrugated box and foam are made from 100-percent recycled material and can be broken down and recycled once the job is complete.”

Sean Kelly, founder of RocketPatch, explained, “We set out to solve the problem around the inefficient way patch cords are packaged, shipped and organized. We spent almost a year developing a solution that would significantly increase the speed of installation and improve onsite patch cord organization.”

Each box can be loaded with one length, or multiple cord lengths, depending on customer needs. RocketPatch is available in two customizable versions. RocketPatch Short can hold up to 66 cords at 3-, 5-, 7- or 10-foot lengths. RocketPatch Long can hold up to 48 cords at 15- and 20-foot lengths.

RocketPatch is made in the U.S. and assembled with domestic components, including Quabbin Wire & Cable’s DataMax Category 5e, 6, and 6A cable in a variety of colors, as well as modular boots and plugs from Stewart Connector.

RocketPatch LLC is a sister company of American Cable Assemblies, a cable assembly house in Massachusetts.

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