Siemon joins Cisco Digital Ceiling partner community

April 20, 2016
Siemon is an enabler partner in the Cisco Digital Ceiling partner community.

Siemon recently announced it has been named an enabler partner in the Cisco Digital Ceiling partner community. Cisco launched the Digital Ceiling framework at Cisco Live!, held in Berlin, Germany in late February. The framework helps enable the convergence of building systems to increase efficiency, lower costs, and create unique user experiences, Siemon said when announcing its inclusion in the community. “Unequivocally aligned with Siemon’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings, which create a unified physical infrastructure for converging low-voltage building systems, Cisco’s Digital Ceiling aims to transform buildings to be not only smart, but also connected, highly secure and easy to manage,” Siemon added.

“The Cisco Digital Ceiling accelerates digital transformation and extends the benefits of the Internet of Things [IoT] throughout facilities by converging multiple building networks—lighting, heating and cooling, IP video, IoT sensors and much more—through a highly secure and intelligent network platform,” the company continued. “Siemon’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings combines Siemon’s proven quality with advanced copper and fiber cabling technology to create the unified structured cabling system that helps enable the convergence of these building networks.”

A key part of the Digital Ceiling includes systems and devices that are powered by network switches using Power over Ethernet (PoE), including PoE-powered LED lights with sensors that can help lower energy costs by up to 85 percent, Siemon said. The company’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions include advanced copper shielded cables and connectivity that provide superior support of PoE-enabled systems.

Siemon added that it will be instrumental in supporting a Digital Ceiling deployment with Smartworld, an Etisalat and Dubai South joint venture company based in Dubai. The deployment will be one of the first in the Middle East.

Abdulqader Obaid Ali, Smartworld’s chief executive officer, commented, “We are proud to be one of the first in the region to deploy the Cisco Digital Ceiling framework. The potential of the Digital Ceiling goes beyond optimizing building systems and creates a platform for a new ecosystem of building applications and services. It gives us new opportunities for transformational applications, analytics and business intelligence, and delivers the essential capabilities needed to make cost savings a reality. Our office building will act as a proof-of-concept for developers and organizations looking to build smart and intelligent buildings in Dubai South and the UAE.”

Bob Allan, global business development manager for intelligent buildings and strategic alliances with Siemon, said, “Siemon has long been an expert in and advocate for integrated systems over a single unified cabling solution that combines power and control to building devices and lighting to cut cost, save energy and improve overall building control, management and security. From innovative patented crown jack contact geometry used in our jacks to eliminate the effects of spark gap erosion caused by unmating under PoE load, to shielded cables that are qualified for mechanical reliability and superior heat dissipation in PoE applications, as well as a wide range of components specifically designed to connect lights, sensors and other digital ceiling endpoints, Siemon is well-positioned to help customers like Smartworld quickly and confidently deploy a Cisco Digital Ceiling smart, connected architecture to capitalize on the IoT revolution.”

You can find more information on the Cisco Digital Ceiling Framework here, and on Siemon’s ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings here.

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