NEMA Type 1 wall-mount cabinet saves floor space

April 28, 2016
Siemon’s new wall-mount cabinet is EIA/ECA-310-compliant NEMA Type 1 that saves floor space and enables cost-effective security and protection for network equipment.

Siemon recently introduced a feature-rich wall-mount cabinet that “saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering and other hazards in a wide range of applications,” the company said.

The Wall Mount Cabinet is an EIA/ECA-310-compliant NEMA Type 1 enclosure that features fully integrated and adjustable vertical cable management for properly routing patch cords and cables, and an adjustable mounting rail system to support any standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment. Siemon pointed out, “With a right- or left-hinged locking back plate design that offers easy rear access to equipment and wiring, it is ideal as a mini telecommunications room or for remote network distribution and consolidation points in open, unprotected spaces such as warehouses, retail facilities and schools. The Wall Mount Cabinet can also be used for zone cabling in intelligent building applications, passive optical networks or any other applications where expensive, full-size cabinets are not required.

“We are extremely pleased to round out our comprehensive cabinet offering with this highly versatile wall-mount cabinet,” said Candace Achenbach, product manager for Siemon. “The integrated vertical cable management, ample top and bottom cable knockouts, and adjustable equipment rails enable fast and easy installation, while the cabinet’s sturdy design, IP20 ingress protection and locking front door and back plate ensure superior security and protection.”

The Siemon Wall Mount Cabinet is made in the United States and is compliant with UL 60950 safety standards. It has a load capacity of up to 91kg (200 pounds) and is available in 12U, 18U and 24U sizes as well as 24- and 30-inch depths. It is available with either a Plexiglas, solid, or vented front door that features a standard locking swivel handle, which can be retrofitted with access control or biometric handles for authentication in high-security applications. The Wall Mount Cabinet is compatible with Siemon’s existing fan kits, rack-mount PDUs, shelves and other accessories. It can be purchased preloaded with Siemon components as a V-Built custom preconfigured cabinet.

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