Fiber-optic connectivity for on-air broadcasts

TE Connectivity’s Fiber Optic Jack Field provides broadcasters with equipment access to reconfigure circuits for setup and transmission.

TE Connectivity's Fiber Optic Jack Field FOJF
TE Connectivity's Fiber Optic Jack Field FOJF

The Fiber Optic Jack Field (FOJF) from TE Connectivity serves broadcasters who “need fast and easy access to their equipment in order to reconfigure circuits for set up and transmission,” the company explains. “A traditional box-style product can be difficult to access and can result in time lost and inadvertent loss of on-air signals.”

The FOJF is similar in configuration to a copper jack field, TE Connectivity adds, saying it reduces the chances of accidental disconnect. These types of circuits are necessary to test and access fiber circuits used for on-air, set up and transmission of signals where traditional copper products cannot support the distance and bandwidth of broadcast high-definition signals.

The FOJF’s features include support for IEEE 802.3ae, 802.3ba and 802.3z specifications; a design that the company says is operator-intuitive with familiar orientation; the use of industry-standard components; use of a low-profile, low-loss looping plug to accomplished normalled connection; and the incorporation of the company’s fiber-management trays, bend-radius protection and other management capabilities.

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