Tehuti Networks unveils small form factor 10GBase-T adapters

March 25, 2013
Tehuti Networks has released what it claims is the industry’s smallest 10 GbE adapter with integrated support for 10GBase-T connectivity.

Tehuti Networks (Israel) has released what it claims is the industry’s smallest 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) adapter with integrated support for 10GBase-T connectivity.

Designed to support high-volume OEM systems, including low-end servers and storage systems and high-performance desktop applications, the small form factor TN9210 network adapter hosts Tehuti's new TN4010 10 GbE controller, designed for low-power, single-port applications required by application servers, high-end workstations and personal computers.

The new adapter pairs Tehuti's TN4010 MAC with Marvell's Alaska 88X3120 transceiver, a single-port, low-power, high-performance 10 GbE PHY, to enable tri-speed connectivity (10GBase-T, 1000Base-T and 100Base-TX) over standard Cat 6a Ethernet cabling, supporting distances up to 100 m. Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling is also supported, compliant to link segment specifications.

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“We are pleased that Tehuti Networks has chosen the Marvell Alaska 88X3120 10GBase-T PHY for their TN9210 network adapter, as it enables seamless migration of existing Gigabit Ethernet networking, available on every workstation and network appliance, to 10GBase-T connectivity,” comments LK Bhupathi, senior director of technical marketing for Marvell Semiconductor's Cloud Services and Infrastructure (CSI) business unit.

“Industry analysts forecast ubiquitous 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployments across enterprises driven by the latest 10 GbE controller and 10GBase-T PHY-based solutions, which provide significant power and cost efficiencies, in addition to a seamless 10-fold performance enhancement,” adds Moshe Shahaf, chairman and CEO of Tehuti Networks. “We are pleased to offer the TN9210 as a critical enabler for this important industry transformation.”

The TN9210 adapter reference design is available now for evaluation by OEMs. Full schematic, layout and bill-of-materials are available for qualified customers. More information is available at www.tehutinetworks.net.

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