OFS expands SlimBox line to include FTTH drop system

Feb. 19, 2013
The SlimBox drop terminal supports up to 16 drop cable assemblies with standard non-proprietary connectors, all sealed inside a single enclosure.

From the 2013 FTTH Conference in London, fiber-optic network products specialist OFS announced that it will introduce its FOX Solution SlimBox Drop System to the European, Middle East and African (EMEA) markets. The FTTH drop system is billed as a single versatile platform for making FTTH connections to SFU (Single Family Unit) and MDU (Multifamily Dwelling Unit) subscribers.

“Service providers want to increase revenues and reduce costs by connecting customers faster, with lower skilled labor,” explains Jason Pedder, director of product marketing, EMEA Cable and Connectivity, for OFS. “The SlimBox drop system is designed to meet this need by supporting plug-and-play drop connections, splitters, and splicing, all within a common platform.”

The SlimBox drop terminal supports up to 16 drop cable assemblies with standard non-proprietary connectors all sealed inside a single enclosure. A variety of compatible drop cable assemblies are available, including the OFS EZ-Bend 4.8mm assemblies, designed bend-insensitive to support sharp unmanaged fiber bends. The terminal can be configured for fusion spliced drops or drops with OFS field installable mechanical connectors.

It may also be configured with either two 1x8 splitters or a single 1x16 splitter to support passive optical networks in addition to functioning as a drop terminal. Distribution cable can be routed through the SlimBox terminal and directly spliced to drop pigtails, avoiding the cost of the additional splice closures and tether cable required by proprietary hardened drop solutions.

The SlimBox drop terminal can be pole, pedestal, or aerially mounted. It may be easily entered and re-sealed through a unique clamshell clamping system, all part of enabling speedy plug and play connections to customers, says the company.

From the Archives: OFS commercially debuts EZ-Bend cables, assemblies

In summary, OFS notes that its Fox Solution SlimBox drop system's key features and benefits include:

* Plug and play subscriber connections with factory connectorized drop assemblies, eliminating the need for fusion splice equipment.

* Standard SC-APC connectors for easier cleaning with standard cleaning kits. No O-ring seals to fail; simple push-on installation.

* One terminal part number supports up to 16 drop connections with factory terminated or field installed mechanical connectors for reduced inventory and a faster learning curve.

* Mid-span splicing into distribution cable avoids the need for additional splice closures required by proprietary hardened connector systems.

* OFS AllWave FLEX+ fiber is standard in all drop, pigtail, and tether assemblies for lower bending loss and improved system performance with increased safety margins.

* OFS EZ-Bend 4.8mm indoor/ outdoor drop cable assemblies are bend-insensitive for negligible loss on sharp unmanaged bends.

* PON splitter and drop cable connection functionality from a single terminal. Single 1 x 16 or two 1 x 8 splitters are available, factory or field installable in terminal.

* Labeling on inside of door for easy subscriber identification, helping to enable accurate moves, adds and changes.

The Fox Solution SlimBox Drop System will be presented at the FTTH conference in London, February 20-21, at OFS’ Gold Sponsorship stand, G18, and will be generally available in June.

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