Tellabs optical LAN to be distributed by Wesco

June 21, 2013
Tellabs has entered into a distribution agreement with Wesco Distribution.

Tellabs (NASDAQ: TLAB) has entered into a distribution agreement with Wesco Distribution (NYSE: WCC). Wesco will distribute Tellabs' Optical LAN Solution through its subsidiary Communications Supply Corporation (CSC).

The agreement will broaden the availability of Tellabs' optical LAN system for U.S. businesses, government agencies and other organizations. Wesco, a global supply chain provider of data communications, security, and electrical products and services, will build on its relationships with value-added resellers, system integrators and other supply chain partners to facilitate sales, deployment and maintenance support for U.S. customers of Tellabs.

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Tellabs' optical LAN is positioned as a high-tech replacement for conventional copper-based Ethernet LANs. The company claims the platform can save businesses up to 70% in the cost of ownership, lower energy consumption by up to 80%, and reduce space needs by up to 90%. The Optical LAN combines all of a building's communications networks into one, improving security and eliminating the need for future re-cabling, contends Tellabs. The system is JITC-certified for use in government networks.

"Wesco is constantly evaluating emerging technologies that can bring value to all of our customers. The Tellabs Optical LAN solution gives our customers another option for their network requirements," comments David Bemoras, group vice president of Wesco and business leader for communications and security offerings.

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"We're excited to add the capabilities of Wesco to the innovation of Tellabs Optical LAN, which saves customers money by reducing their capital expenses, energy consumption and space needs," adds Dan Kelly, CEO and president of Tellabs. "Through Wesco, many more businesses, organizations and government agencies will be able to save money by leveraging Tellabs' Optical LAN solution."

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