LSZH industrial fiber cabling system features 'crimp and cleave' connectivity

Dec. 3, 2013
OFS has launched its GiHCS Industrial Cabling Solution and SC Crimp and Cleave termination kits for industrial networks. 

OFS has launched its GiHCS Industrial Cabling Solution and SC Crimp and Cleave termination kits for industrial networks. The company notes that rapid adoption of Industrial Ethernet has led to significant changes and new demands in factory automation and industrial networking applications requiring the introduction of industrialized communications systems.

A high bandwidth, rugged, and reliable cabling solution is indispensable for industrial networking as adoption of increased data rates emerges, contends OFS. Fast (100 Mb/sec) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/sec) data rates demand higher bandwidth and real-time, low-latency communications, while the increasing use of intelligent electronic devices, utility-grade rugged IP routers, and Ethernet switches is driving IP-based communications on the production floor.

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To meet this need, OFS now offers its Graded Index HCS (GiHCS) optical fiber in a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable construction and easy-to-use crimp and cleave SC connectors. Using the company's SC Crimp and Cleave hand tools, technicians can easily learn to install fiber connectors in industrial spaces. According to OFS, taking just minutes to learn, with the new platform field technicians can rapidly repair damaged optical fiber cables without messy adhesives or tedious polishing procedures.

Key advantages of the GiHCS Industrial Cabling Solution and SC Crimp and Cleave connectors, according to OFS, include: a wide operating temperature range of -20 to +105C; resistance to abrasion, vibration and industrial chemicals; rated for indoor and outdoor use; high tensile strength; Fast (100 Mb/sec) and Gigabit (1000 Mb/sec) Ethernet compatible; compatibility with most common GBIC transceivers; no power, no epoxy, no gel, and no polishing required for fiber-optic termination processes; easy learning curve for rapid deployment.

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