OIF sets sights on 400G module technology

Jan. 31, 2013
Technology-focused projects on 400G modules are currently in the works.

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) met in New Orleans last week to evaluate the need for technology-focused projects on 400G modules.

At the New Orleans meeting, the OIF's Physical and Link Layer Working Group announced that it has started a new project to define a module interface Implementation Agreement targeting 400G long-haul transmission. The industry group unites representatives from data and optical networking industries, including many of the world's leading carriers, component manufacturers and system vendors.

“There is nothing in the standards market today to use as a starting point to support 400G module solutions,” said Karl Gass of TriQuint Semiconductor, optical vice chair of the Physical and Link Layer Working Group. “Definition of a 400G long-haul module provides the industry with technology parameters for near-term component development and implementation strategies.”

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"OIF standardization efforts helped make the 100G market a great success in the face of broad competition from 40G,” added Andrew Schmitt, industry analyst for Infonetics, during a lunchtime meeting with OIF members in NOLA. “And the organization will continue to be an important catalyst for accelerating component availability of future technologies such as 400G, pluggable coherent, or direct-detect 100G."

Also discussed by OIF members at the meeting were carrier requirements for Transport Software-Defined Networking (SDN). The OIF's Carrier Working Group members agreed to provide Carrier requirements on Transport SDN, detailing transport functions for SDN use cases. “The OIF ecosystem provides Carrier members a platform to express their requirements for certain technologies and SDN is certainly one of interest by our Carrier members,” said Hans-Martin Foisel of Deutsche Telekom and the OIF Carrier Working Group chair. “Additionally, the OIF has been invited to talk at several industry venues this year on the SDN technology.”

The OIF will be presenting on January 30th at IIRWDM & Next Generation Optical Networking APAC on the OIF’s role beyond 100G and on SDN.

The OIF promotes the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services through the creation of Implementation Agreements (IAs) for optical, interconnect, network processing, component and networking systems technologies. The group actively supports and extends the work of standards bodies and industry forums with the goal of promoting worldwide compatibility of optical internetworking products. More information can be found at http://www.oiforum.com.

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