LED lights make patch cords visibly traceable

New cords from Belden also feature unique serial numbers and bar codes for mobile DCIM systems.

Belden recently introduced traceable bonded-pair patch cords “to meet the ever-growing need to quickly and easily identify and trace network connections in today’s high-density and mission-critical infrastructure environments,” the company says.

Product line manager Benoit Chevarie commented, “Finding patch cord connections within densely populated patching areas is a challenge that is overcome by deploying Belden’s traceable bonded-pair patch cords. Belden’s cords feature an integrated and exceptionally bright LED light that enables easy identification of where the cord is connected.”

The LED light is activated with a button-press on the plug, and flashes on both ends of the cord. Belden offers the traceable cords in 10GX (Category 6A) performance for 10-Gbit applications, as well as Cat 6+ performance for Gbit applications.

Belden pointed out the cords also offer the following features.

  • Bright LED with a battery life expectancy of 7 years of 1,000 applications. The battery is also replaceable.
  • A standard, unique serial number and bar code on each end of each cord, for use with mobile data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems.
  • Construction incorporating Belden’s Bonded Pair technology (which is patented), which the company says ensures long-term performance through the rigors of multiple moves, adds and changes.
  • The LED blinks for 20 seconds and can be stopped at any time with a second press of the button.

Belden worked with Cormant Inc. to develop a standard feature that provides each traceable patch cord with a unique serial number and bar code at each end. This code can be scanned using mobile-enabled DCIM systems, including the Cormant-CS DCIM system, to manage end-to-end connectivity and inventory throughout an enterprise. Belden points out that because the cords are identified and managed using a bar code, they do not require additional physical equipment to solve the challenge of enterprise connectivity management—“bringing true intelligence to patch management,” the company concludes.

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