Clearfield unveils FieldSmart outdoor fiber distribution point enclosures

May 20, 2013
The modular FDP-KIS (KIS is short for “keep it simple”) is the first enclosure that is optimized for pushable fiber deployment, says the company.

Clearfield(NASDAQ: CLFD) has introduced its FieldSmart Fiber Delivery Point (FDP) KIS Outdoor Enclosure, as the latest addition to its FieldSmart fiber enclosure line. The modular FDP-KIS (KIS is short for “keep it simple”) is the first enclosure that is optimized for pushable fiber deployment, Clearfield asserts. The new platform is for use with the company's FieldShield pushable fiber delivery system, designed especially for installation in tough environments

The FieldSmart FDP-KIS is designed to be large enough to house the required fiber distribution ports while being small enough to mount in tight spaces. The FDP-KIS architecture will support 1 to 48 ports of fiber as well as single and multi-count fiber strands. It leverage’s the company’s Clearview Cassette for self-contained fiber management and the Clearview Blue platform's integrated slack storage capabilities. Clearfield envisions the new enclosures used in a wide variety of applications, from the MDU to the antenna.

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“Pushable fiber is revolutionizing fiber delivery and this is the first enclosure designed specifically for this system,” comments Johnny Hill, chief operating officer at Clearfield, Inc. “It is effective across the board in numerous applications and serves both as a universal demarc unit as well as the industry’s simplest fiber distribution hub.”

The FieldSmart FDP-KIS is compliant to NEMA 4, GR-20, GR-409, GR-487, GR-1221, and GR-1209. Clearfield says all of its fiber terminations have been tested to GR-326 compliance with every pigtail, patch cord, and 12-fiber assembly guaranteed to Clearfield’s Fiber Deep performance threshold of 0.2-dB insertion loss.

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