Fiber-based teleprotection module safeguards utilities' legacy access networks

May 13, 2013
Telco Systems, Legacy Division launches New IEEE C37.94 -compliant teleprotection module.

Telco Systems Legacy Division, a provider of voice, data and Ethernet service platforms for T1/E1, DS3 and SONET/SDH TDM-based network access systems, has announced the launch of its new IEEE C37.94 teleprotection module for the company's Access60 Integrated Access Device (IAD). The module offers two fiber-optic C37.94 interface ports and supports data rates from 64kbps to 768Kbps, as well as maintenance features such as local and remote loopback, laser control and alarm indicators.

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The company notes that utilities' teleprotection communications circuits are mission critical, requiring reliable fail safe operation, service predictability with stringent latency and end-to-end delay specifications. Teleprotection services traditionally operated over copper-based X.21, V.35 or E&M(TO) interfaces, which are susceptible to RF and EM interference. The new module is IEEE C37.94 compliant and allows transmission of synchronous (N x 64 kilobit) data between a protection relay and a multiplexer over fiber, improving interference isolation and security.

“With the addition of the new C37.94 interface module, utility companies can now directly interface their installed base of Access60’s to their teleprotection devices optically, eliminating the need for additional devices and minimizing interference related to copper circuits and improving channel security," comments said David Lee, VP business development, Telco Systems Legacy Division. "Additionally, Access60’s built in cross-connect capability allows for efficient use of upstream facilities.”

Telco Systems, Legacy Division is the TDM product line group within Telco Systems, a BATM Company, offering a diverse set of products for legacy access networks. Solutions include the widely deployed EdgeLink family of multiplexer products, the Access60 integrated access device and the EtherTone family of MEF certified EoPDH solutions for Ethernet service delivery.

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