Bel Stewart Connector’s Cat 7a ARJ45 jack with integrated magnetics targets 10GBase-T Ethernet transmissions

March 15, 2011
Single-port devices with integrated magnetics provide migration path to emerging 40 Gbps networks, says Bel.

Bel Stewart Connector announced enhanced performance capabilities demonstrated by its ARJ45 Series of high-speed Category 7a modular jacks via the inclusion of integrated magnetics to support 10GBase-T performance parameters as defined by IEEE 802.3an-2006.

“Bel Stewart has supported passive versions of its ARJ45 connector since 2006 and we wanted to expand our product offering in this series,” said Derek Imschweiler, product manager of Interconnect Products at Bel Stewart.

Known for its existing RJ45 interfaced 10GBase-T MagJack connectors, Bel Stewart says it has extended its existing magnetic technology into the Category 7a performing ARJ45 jack, their newest twisted pair connector interface. The ARJ45 jack provides a viable connector solution for to-be-defined, next generation IEEE twisted pair Ethernet standards as the high frequency requirement of these future standards will likely exceed the limitations of existing RJ45 connectors.

Imschweiler added, “Since IEEE standards for 40GBase-T or 100GBase-T do not currently exist, we felt it was appropriate to take the highest performing IEC twisted pair connector, Category 7a, and integrate it with magnetics to support the fastest twisted pair Ethernet standard available, 10GBase-T. This positions us with a clear product development path for our ARJ45 connector series toward higher speed standards as they are established.”

The mechanical interface of the ARJ45 connector series meets the IEC 61076-3-110 standard, and the overall construction facilitates integration with the magnetics required for twisted pair Ethernet data transmission. The connector’s interface also provides the familiarity of an RJ45-style device in its use and port density, along with the performance benefits of a Category 7a connector system.

Bel Stewart’s standard ARJ45 connector product offering includes passive 90 degree PCB mounted jacks along with plugs and cable assemblies offering integrated strain relief boots and anti-snag features for plug tab protection. The ARJ45 connectors are provided standard with gold-plated (50-microinch) contacts to ensure high-cycle life and are manufactured of UL94-VO plastics.

Additional specifications include an operating temperature range of -40 degrees to +85 degrees C, and durability of 750 matching cycles. Their voltage range is 150 VAC, and current rating is 1.5 A @ 25 degrees C.

For additional information, visit Bel Stewart Connector's Modular Connectors Product List.

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