Amphenol issues new wireless base station power connectors

Field-installable Amphe-BTS connector provides power from a wireless, mast-mounted base station to a remote radio head.

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Interconnect systems supplier Amphenol Industrial has introduced the Amphe-BTS, a new power connector designed to provide power from a wireless, mast-mounted base station to a remote radio head.

The Amphe-BTS provides 360 degree EMI shielding with grounding fingers and utilizes a bayonet locking mechanism that guarantees strong vibration and shock resistance. The connectors are lightning resistant due to their excellent conductivity. The receptacle has crimp contacts and the plug has screw termination contacts for easy field installation and replacement.

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The circular connector, based on MIL-C-26482 series 2, features a brass shell construction with tin over nickel plating, making it corrosion resistant and compliant with ISO 21207. The Amphe-BTS has a cable sealing range of 7 mm to 18 mm, a temperature range of -55 degrees C to +85 degrees C and is available in a standard two-way 48 VDC, a two-way reverse gender 48 VDC and a three-way 400 VDC/250 VAC power configuration. The IP65-rated Amphe-BTS connector is UL and TUV certified.

According to the company, the field-installable Amphe-BTS connector is used by base station manufacturers, telephone operator technicians, AC/DC power supply manufacturers and related installers, and eliminates the need to ship heavy cable assemblies.

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