Fiber-optic breakout cabling system for data centers

Thin trunk cables are preassembled with LC connectors on each end.

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Datewyler Cables has added to its product portfolio the BreakOut System (BO System), which is made up of compact 12-, 24- and 48-fiber cable trunks. The mini-fiber-optic cables are preassembled with LC connectors on both sides and are available in OM3-grade multimode or OS2-grade singlemode. "With a diamter of 1.8 millimeters each, even the BO multiple cables are very thin," Daetwyler says. "The external diameter of trunks with 24 mini cables is only 1.1 cm, that of trunks with 48 individual cables only 1.84 cm. The latter can easily be terminated in a 1U-height distribution panel."

The company further explains that customer-specific labeling on individual mini cables and on the common cable sheath facilitates simple documentation and the clear allocation of connections in the distriubtion panel.

The optical distribution boxes supplied by Daetwyler Cables for the BO System are OV-A models with exchangeable front plates, preassembled couplers and two rear cable entries that can be either straight or angled. Because fo the cable's small diameter, the inputs and the strain relief in the distribution panel are provided by commercially available cable glands.

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