Fiber-cleaning wipes easily field-portable

Each box of MicroCare's portable Sticlers CleanWipe system contains 400 cleanings.

MicroCare Corp. is introducing its latest version of the Sticklers CleanWipe system in a transportable design that the company says is easily carried in trucks and toolkits. MicroCare says the material and the new packaging of the CleanWipe system enables field technicians to clean fiber endfaces more quickly, more gently, more gently and at a low cost.

"At the heart of the CleanWipe system is a high-modulus wiping material that outperforms traditional cellulose, paper or fabric wipes," MicroCare says. "The material is soft, highly abosrbent and inherently static-dissipative, which minimizes three very common celaning problems. Most importantly, the exceptionally strong material is highly resitant to linting and shredding," which MicroCare says eliminates the biggest source of contamination, especially on LC enfaces. The new cleaning tool is compatible with MicroCare's Sticklers Connector Cleaning Fluid, making wet/dry celaning fast and convenient even in the field, the company says.

The transportable version of the CleanWipe system contains 400 cleanings, as opposed to the 3,200 cleanings in each box of the economy size CleanWipe system. MicroCare says its field research has documented that 400 cleanings per tool is the optimal size for field technicians, and enables them to produce perfectly clean connectors for pennies per cleaning.

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