PPC ships 100 millionth universal compression connector optimized for subscriber-installed video, data architectures

Nov. 16, 2011
Connectors achieve superior signal transmission performance even when the nut is loose, thanks to a conductive element that maintains connectivity.

PPC, a developer of of advanced connector technologies for the cable and telecommunications industries, announced shipment of the 100 millionth product in its SignalTight connector line, developed to mitigate concerns raised by growing number of subscriber-installed connections for next-generation video and data architectures. The SignalTight universal compression connectors started shipping in January 2010 and are now used by more than 75 different operators worldwide in 42 countries, claims PPC. The company says the connectors ensure service continuity and alleviate major problems such as pixilation/tiling of video, reduced data speed, and poor VoIP quality. Incorporating patented and patent-pending technologies, the connectors are designed to achieve superior signal transmission performance approaching that of a fully tightened connector, even when the nut is loose, thanks to a conductive element that maintains connectivity. The product line now includes more than 15 different variations for Series 59, 6, 7, and 11 cables, including plenum and headend, as well as right angle and AquaTight integrated weather seal versions.

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By ensuring continual and uninterrupted signal flow despite loose connections, the company says the SignalTight line helps operators overcome connectivity issues that are inherent in subscriber installs. PPC contends that not only can improved connectivity help increase subscriber satisfaction, but that a reduction in poor connections also helps increase overall network efficiency and quality. SignalTight is billed as the company's most in-demand F-connector in the UK, and the connector of choice for the majority of the company's customers. "As a manufacturer in a competitive marketplace, we are proud that a technology we've developed has enjoyed such overwhelming market acceptance so quickly," said David Jackson, PPC's vice president of product development. "Our original EX connector - which led the market in terms of performance and acceptance - has now been surpassed by the SignalTight product."

PPC will showcase the SignalTight line, as well as additional products, at the upcoming SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011 (Nov. 15-17) in Atlanta.

Source:PPC Ships 100 Millionth SignalTight Connector (www.4rfv.co.uk)

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