Molex debuts ultra-bend insensitive fiber SC/APC cable assemblies for rugged FTTX applications

New  indoor- and outdoor-rated cable assemblies and connectors seek to optimize signal transmission in applications where cable routing space is restrictive.

New from Molex (NASDAQ: MOLX), the SC/APC indoor- and outdoor- rated cable assemblies and SC/APC 4.80mm connectors are designed to help customers and system integrators meet datacom and telecom design challenges, including adherence to industry standards and compatibility with standard cable sizes and fiber types.

Designed for “Fiber to the x” (FTTx) and industrial applications, Molex says the new SC/APC connector assemblies offer up to a 5.00mm bend radius and deliver a high-performance optical return loss of -60 dB with up to 6x more flexibility than conventional optical cabling, ideal for transmitting large quantities of data and video signals.

“A logical alternative to standard SC/APC connector and cable assemblies, the ultra-bend insensitive fiber SC/APC cable assemblies seek to optimize signal transmission in applications where cable routing space is restrictive,” explains Eve Leal, program manager, Molex. “Much more flexible than conventional optical cable, our SC/APC connector assemblies come standard in a 4.80mm outer-diameter cable suitable for use in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.”

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All Molex SC/APC versions utilize pre-radius precision ceramic ferrules and a one-piece body design that provide quick and economical terminations both in the factory and in the field. The pre-polished ceramic ferrules minimize polishing time and maintain end-face geometry. The SC connectors provide a push-pull coupling mechanism tested to the most rigorous industry standards.

A variety of simplex and duplex mating SC adapters are available. These include snap- or screw- mount installation, as well as optional adapter shutters. The adapters are equipped with a spring-loaded shutter which automatically closes when a connector is removed from the adapter to shield against exposure to laser radiation and dust contamination. EMI Shielded SC adapters are also available for applications where EMI or RFI emissions are a concern.

“Equipped with a robust PVC jacket, Molex SC/APC indoor- and outdoor- rated connector solutions are ideal in any FTTx installation, including harsh industrial settings such as mining, oil refineries, heavy-duty equipment and automation environments,” adds Leal.

In addition to bulk pack SC/APC indoor- and outdoor-rated connectors, adapters and cable assemblies, Molex offers customized SC/APC cable solutions tailored to customer specifications for length, labeling and boot colors to meet the most stringent design requirements. For information about Molex SC/APC connector solutions and technical specifications, visit

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