Dual-port RJ45 jacks from Suyin

Compact dual-port RJ45 jack enables coupling of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet patch cables on network cards or switches.

Sep 12th, 2011
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Suyin has developed a highly compact dual-port RJ45 jack, designed to provide space-saving coupling of high-speed Gigabit Ethernet patch cables on network cards or switches. The connector's space-saving form factor, with dimensions of 31.7 x 21.25 x 13.8 (L x W x H in mm), together with design measures such as a completely metallic, nickel-plated enclosure, as well as shielding and grounding metal spring contacts on both sides and on top of the jack, helps to ensure ideal signal coupling/transmission to protect against interference from electromagnetic influences, according to the company.

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Suyin further emphasizes that special attention was paid to ensure that the 100313FR016S00ZL 2 x 8 position, 8-contact (8P8C), right-angle RJ45 jack can be processed using either wave or thru-hole reflow soldering processes (as with other versions from this model series), in response to significant positive feedback from users. When a reflow soldering process is used, two spacer sockets ensure optimal soldering results.

The connector's additional electrical specifications include:

Insertion and removal forces: 300 g/pin
Number of mating cycles guaranteed: 5,000
Voltage and current-carrying capacity per contact: 115 V/1.5 amps (DC)
Contact resistance: 60 mΩ (initial)
Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ
Operating temperature range: -40°C to +105°C

More Info:http://www.suyin-europe.com/

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