Triple-layer conduit protects cable harnesses

The Maulflex system from TE Connectivity protects cable harnesses electrically, mechanically and environmentally.

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TE Connectivity's Maulflex conduit system protects integrated cable harnesses using a three-layer design that the company says protects harnesses electrically, mechanically and environmentally. The conduit's outer layer features a helical Convolex tubing, made of cross-linked ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) that provides resistance to abrasion, crushing and fluids. The middle layer has one or two tinned copper braids that protect against electromagnetic interference. The inner protective layer is an expandable woven braid sleeving that guards against chafing.

The conduit's helical construction "allows a tight bend radius - form 0.88 to 3.36 inches depending on conduit size - without kinking or reducing the cross-sectional area," TE Connectivity says. Aramid-yarn strength members are optional and protect against linear strain when the conduit is pulled. The environmentally sealed system has an operating temperature range between -55 and +150 degrees Celsius. The conduit is available in sizes ranging from 3/8-inch to 1-5/8-inch, and in lengths up to 24 feet. The system uses TE's Tinel-Lock cable-termination adapters and Uniboot molded strain relief to provide a connection that the company says allows easy re-entry and reuse.

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