Test automation software simulates data center fiber break, disaster recovery scenarios

June 1, 2011
FiberZone Networks has upgraded its AFM product line with new software capabilities for data centers.

FiberZone Networks, a provider of Automated Fiber Management (AFM) systems for data centers and networks, has upgraded its AFM product line with new software capabilities, which enable simulation of physical fiber break scenarios and the corresponding disaster recovery on networking, computing, and storage platforms.

Testing of storage, computing, and networking equipment requires a high level of automation, which streamlines testing cycles to increase productivity, allows offshoring of testing staff to reduce operating costs, and facilitates sharing of equipment among multiple disparate groups to reduce capital cost requirements. New high-speed storage and Ethernet equipment for cloud networks pose new challenges for automation solutions. FiberZone's AFM supports test automation at any existing or future port speed, running any protocol type, and over singlemode or multimode fiber.

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FiberZone's AFM is a non-blocking 180x180 port fiber switch, providing the ability to remotely and automatically control fiber connectivity. With the new Temporary Disconnect software application, test facilities operators can accurately simulate fiber breaks and corresponding disaster recovery scenarios. FiberZone's AFM employs physical connect and disconnect, so that it accurately represents real-life disaster recovery scenarios. The disconnect is physical, and does not require synchronization of laser shutdowns on inter-switch links to simulate a fiber break, says a representative. No electrical processing is involved; the AFM delivers low latency on all fiber connections.

"FiberZone's high-density fiber switch can serve any existing and future port speeds on any type of fiber. 8Gbps FC, 10Gigabit-Ethernet, iSCSI, FCoE, 16 Gbps FC, 40GbE, and 100GbE are all supported today on FiberZone's AFM," explains Joe Teixeira, vice president of product management for FiberZone Networks. "We developed the new temporary disconnect software application in response to our customers' requests, to allow them to benefit from unprecedented scalability and cost-effectiveness of their automation solutions."

More Info:www.fiberzone-networks.com

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