Water-cooled ceiling-mount AC

MovinCool's CMW30 can be used where heat densities are high and floor space is limited.

The CMW30 is a water-cooled, ceiling-mount air conditioner from MovinCool, which the company engineered for data centers and other environments in which heat loads are dense but there is insufficient space for an air-cooled conditioner unit. MovinCool says the CMW30 has a 29,400-Btu total cooling capacity.

Its 20-inch heigh enables it to be placed above a drop ceiling, the company says. It does not require external condensing, connections for refrigerants or charging. Its IEER - integrated-energy-efficiency ratio - is 17.0. The company says that high number is achieved through a variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors. The company also notes that the unit uses R-401A refrigerant.

You can find detailed information on MovinCool's CMW30 here.

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