Passive optical LAN cabling system

Dec. 1, 2011
TE Connectivity's Optical LAN Solution is based on fiber-to-the-home technology and brings singlemode fiber all the way to the workstation.

The Optical LAN Solution (OLS) from TE Connectivity is a plug-and-play cabling system for passive optical network (PON) architectures, the company says. The system capitalizes on TE's fiber-to-the-premises product portfolio, the company notes, and takes a single strand of singlemode fiber from the data center all the way to a desk or other user area. "As one of the most advanced, high-performance LAN solutions available today, the OLS network's architecture is capable of delivering converged voice, video and data at high bandwidth levels for up to 12 miles, making it ideal for new construction as well as campus environments," TE Connectivity said when announcing the system. "GPON's [Gigabit Passive Optical Network's] sophisticated data-encryption capabilities enable a secure information transport system for fiber-to-the-desk solutions."

Describing the systems' benefits, TE Connectivity director of global marketing for enterprise networks Jon Secrest said, "As a scalable PON solution, OLS helps reduce power consumption and requires less active equipment, which may result in lower operating and maintenance costs for the end user."

Product manager for the OLS Craig Kegerise added, "Our preconnectorized, reduced-bend-radius Rapid Fiber cable spool allows for precise on-site payouts of up to 500 feet and eliminates the need for additional components such as splice cases, patch panels and mounting hardware. The benefit is a super-efficient, more reliable and lower cost GPON solution for our customers."

The company explained the technological and marketplace dynamics that have given rise to passive optical LAN systems in enterprises: "As optical fiber moves closer to the end user, significant changes are underway in both the data center and the equipment closet. New installation and maintenance techniques are being employed to extend the reach and service life of the network infrastructure and deliver greater bandwidth to serve more than a single generation of customers. The Optical LAN Solution is scalable and ensures the smooth integration of new technologies while enabling the end user to maximize personal efficiencies with one of the greenest data delivery solutions on the market today."

TE Connectivity has produced a four-minute video describing the features and benefits of OLS. You can view the video here.

You may also be interested in this article on passive optical LANs published in Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine: Bringing fiber-to-the-x technology into the enterprise space.

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