Chart calculates how long fusion splicing takes

Dec. 1, 2011
Downloadable one-page analysis available from The Fiber Optic Association also offers cleaving and splicing tips.

A chart developed by Fiber Optic Association master instructor Joe Botha helps technicians calculate the amount of time it will take to conduct a fusion-splcing project. The FOA mentioned the chart in its November 2011 newsletter, stating, "We've been asked many times, 'How long does it take to splice a cable?' It's not a simple answer and it varies with the number of fibers in the cable and the work setup, including whether one or two techs are working on the job.

"FOA master instructor Joe Botha of Triple Play in South Africa did his own analysis based on decades of experience both splicing cables and teaching others how to do it properly. This is one of the best analyses we have seen because Joe includes prep times as well as splicing times and differentiates between one tech and two techs working together."

The simple one-page analysis also includes cleaving and splicing tips. You can download it directly from the FOA here.

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