Toner tests up to 8 cables at once

The Pocket Toner from Fluke Networks is available in three models to test voice, data and video lines.

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Available in three models, the Pocket Toner from Fluke Networks connects to any voice, data or video cabling to detect open/short circuits, continuity, AD/DC voltage and dial tone, while protecting up to 52 volts. Several kit configurations are also available.

Each Pocket Toner model has dual audible indicators in its main body and a detachable buzzer unit, as well as removable push-on connectors and auto shutoff.

Pocket Toner NX1 allows users to identify and test live, singular coaxial cables for continuity, opens and shorts.

Pocket Toner NX2 has the features of NX1 plus the ability to test coax cable for AC and DC voltage, 50-75 ohm termination and polarity with the Dial Tone Detective adapter.

Pocket Toner NX8 incorporates all the features of the NX2 and can test up to eight cables at one time.

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