Paper explains digital signage as a moneymaker

April 14, 2011
College and university campuses can also enjoy other benefits of dynamic signage, says placed-based media advisor Lyle Bunn.

A white paper authored by Lyle Bunn, an advisor on dynamic place-based media, explains how higher-education campus environments can reap benefits, including reveue, from what Bunn describes as dynamic signage. The paper is aimed at helping colleges and universities plan and operate dynamic, digital signage on their campuses.

In the paper's introduction, Bunn comments, "Sponsored content and suitable, campus-approved advertising can offset display network costs, fund expansion or bring new revenues to individual departments or the campus as a whole."

Later the paper discusses revenue potential. "Spending on dynamic place-based media technologies in North America is reaching $2 billion annually and continues to grow year over year at 23 percent compounding annually," it says. "Further, $3.5 billion is spent on creating content for displays and this area of the industry is expected to see the highest growth of the industry at large. The industry is growing rapidly in size as well as sophistication, integration, best practices, standards, infrastructure and efficiencies, and is now continuously proven as a high-value marketing and communications tool."

The paper can be downloaded for free and does not require registration.

Download the paper here.

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