RiT releases v 3.0 of intelligent cabling infrastructure management system

RiT Technologies has released version 3.0 of its EPV appliance-based cabling management platform.

RiT Technologies (Tel Aviv, Israel) has released version 3.0 of its EPV appliance-based cabling management platform. Simple to install and use, the EPV is billed as a "plug and play" system that delivers a continuously up-to-date, real-time picture of the cabling infrastructure with no need for the deployment of additional software or servers.

According to the company, new features introduced in EPV Version 3.0 for enhanced security and efficiency include: extensive alert capabilities; expanded database backup and restore; support of multiple browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome); automatic identification of patch panels, including the panel type; and multi-user support.

"The EPV has been a real game-changer - the first cabling management solution for mainstream markets - and these new features make it even better," commented Ben Carmi, RiT's VP of product management and business development.

The EPV provides accurate real-time connectivity information regarding all components in the wiring cabinet or the communications room. The product is "packaged" as an appliance which is connected easily to the network's communication racks, with no need for technicians to install software and/or servers. Operation is equally straightforward, says RiT, with a variety of capabilities provided through an intuitive Web-based interface.

Carmi added, "The need for cabling management has never been greater. Companies today must do more with less, stretching their IT budgets without sacrificing network availability. In this challenging environment, intelligent infrastructure management systems are strategic enablers: in fact, independent industry research shows that systems facilitating infrastructure management can significantly reduce operating costs through the improvement of visibility and control. We are proud to bring these exciting results to fast-growing markets throughout the world."

The EPV is available directly through RiT Technologies and through its partners and distributors throughout the world.

More Info:www.RiTtech.com

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