Fiber-to-fiber 10GbE media converters

Transition Networks' newest devices can extend distances and convert singlemode to multimode for 10G transmission.

Transition Networks recently introduced 10-Gbit Ethernet fiber-to-fibermedia converters. The xTGFF4747-100 version of the converter supports XFP modules and the xTGFF4848-100 version supports SFP+ modules. As Transition Networks points out, the converters offer fiber-extension and fiber-mode-conversion capabilities. The converters, Transition says, help both enterprises and service providers extend their fiber reach for specific applications and support applications like video that consume considerable bandwidth.

A user of Transition's 10-Gbit/sec media converters can choose the specific module that meets the user's transmission-distance requirements. Converters in the 10-Gbit product line can reach distances of 80 kilometers. They can also be used as an interface between multimode and singlemode fiber.

Patrick Schaber, global director of marketing at Transition Networks' parent compamy Communication Systems Inc., commented, "The demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet is being driven by the increasing need to deliver multi-gigabit connections to the network edge, helping to reduce the potential bottlenecks associated with increased traffic from bandwidth-hungry applications. This is where 10G is finding a lot of activity, and where Transition's 10 Gigabit media conversion and fiber extension is ideal."

The converter is available as a standalone device or as a card in the company's Point System Chassis. The company says it supports 3R optical signal regeneration - reamplify, reshape and retime. In the case of the chassis cards, if the chassis system is managed, the card can be as well.

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