AFL adds ST connector to FuseConnect field fusion splicer line

The fusion spliced, field terminated FuseConnect ST connector is designed with just four components.

SPARTANBURG, SC -- AFL has rounded out its FuseConnect product line by adding the ST fiber optic connector. The fusion spliced, field terminated connector is designed with just four components.

All connectors in the AFL FuseConnect line – the SC, LC, FC, and now the ST – consist of a factory pre-polished ferrule. The field termination process eliminates polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field, minimizing the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap.

FuseConnect utilizes a fusion splicer to terminate the connector in the field, addressing return loss concerns present in analog optical networks. Cable types include 900µm, 2mm and 3mm and polish types of UPC, APC, and PC.

The connectors are positioned for connectorizations in RFoverlay FTTP networks, CATV backbone networks, outside plant, FibertotheDesk, and MDU FTTP cabling; central office connector replacement; and data center installation.

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