Lensed multifiber ferrule

US Conec’s PRIZM MT ferrule is a silicon-photonics building block, supporting up to 4 rows of 16 fibers each.


The newly developed PRIZM MT ferrule from US Conec, a collimated beam, lensed MT style interconnect component, is now shipping. When announcing the ferrule, US Conec explained, “The PRIZM MT ferrule extends the PRIZM LightTurn ferrule benefits of expanded beam Tx/Rx interface by taking multi-fiber lensed connectors to the equipment card edge.”

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“The outer dimensional footprint is identical to traditional MT ferrules,” US Conec continued, “making the PRIZM MT ferule compatible with any MT ferrule-based connector hardware package. The novel, molded-in, hermaphroditic post-and-hole alignment features eliminate the need for costly stainless steel guide pins. Complex, costly endface geometry and polishing control associated with physical contact array connectors are eliminated with the no-polish, free-space, expanded-beam PRIZM MT ferrule, all while greatly reducing sensitivity to debris.”


The company added that the component’s reduction in the necessary ferrule spring force makes it ideal for applications that require mass mating of multiple ferrules in high-density trunk cables and optical backplanes.

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