Micro optical network terminals drive gigabit FTTH connectivity

Aug. 21, 2014
Adtran has unveiled its series of micro optical network terminals (μONTs), designed to eliminate truck rolls and simplify installations and upgrades.

As part of an overall effort to support the current wave of gigabit fiber-to-the home (FTTH) deployments, Adtran (NASDAQ: ADTN) has unveiled its series of micro optical network terminals (μONTs), designed to eliminate truck rolls and simplify installations and upgrades. As reported by Cablinginstall.com's sister site Lightwave, the μONTs are designed to combine small size with low cost.

Combined with “no touch” capabilities at the central office end, Adtran asserts that the ONTs can reduce gigabit service FTTH electronics capex by up to 60%. "They could be installed within customer locations and left in place when the occupants of the residence or unit changes," an Adtran source told Lightwave. "The new devices could revive the model enjoyed during the pre-divestiture era when new home occupants merely plugged their phones into the wall to enable service," said the source. The μONTs combine with the company’s Advanced Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation capabilities and non-blocking services platform to enable efficient deployments of gigabit FTTH services, Adtran adds.

“Sycamore Telephone was looking to expand FTTH service into a larger community adjacent to our existing service area, effectively increasing the addressable market by 5X. We have a long working history with Adtran, and we knew that the Total Access 5004 in the Crossover Enclosure would be the right solution for this deployment,” commented Rick Ekleberry, broadband operations manager at Sycamore Telephone, via an Adtran press release.

Ekleberry concluded, “We have seen first-hand the benefits our FTTH service has brought to the community and know it is a critical requirement for the economic development of the area. Adtran is enabling us to future-proof our network investment as we look to scale our services now and into the future.”

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