China Agriculture Bank branch adopts intelligent infrastructure management

The bank’s Yuhang branch is using RiT’s Enterprise PatchView system to prevent security breaches and downtime for its approximately 4,000 ports.

RiT Technologies recently announced the Yuhang branch of China Agriculture Bank—one of approximately 40 branches of the financial institution—has deployed the Enterprise PatchView (EPV) intelligent infrastructure management solution. In addition to approximately 40 branches, China Agriculture Bank has approximately 23,000 local offices, RiT noted. “EPV will be utilized to manage the extensive copper and fiber-combined infrastructure,” within the Yuhang branch, the company added.

Motti Hania, RiT’s newly promoted president and chief executive officer, commented, “We are pleased to achieve this key win. We believe this initial, limited order sets the stage for RiT to secure additional branches within the China Agriculture Bank, further diversifying our footprint in the region and eventually leading to additional opportunities in China’s financial sector.”

Asof Skolnik, RiT’s vice president of sales and marketing, added, “EPV’s superior tools for preventing downtime and security breaches were the key to this win—especially EPV’s comprehensive suite of features that alert customers to unplanned connectivity changes or forced access. Security is of the utmost importance to banking institutions and their customers.”

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