Belden's Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) line bundles fiber, copper, combo cabling management

Nov. 19, 2014
Belden has launched new structured modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) products for harsh industrial applications.

Belden has launched new structured modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP) products for harsh industrial applications. With three new robust and versatile termination panel options available, engineers and installers can use the new platforms to easily connect both fiber and copper cables from operating environments to active equipment. The three new industrial-strength MIPP lines include:

-- The MIPP Fiber Splice Box, designed to efficiently terminate various types of fiber cabling in a wide range of industrial applications. A single MIPP fiber splice box allows for termination and patching of up to 72 fiber cables, saving customers both space and costs, especially in closed cabinets where space is a premium.

-- The MIPP copper patch panel, designed to ensure maximum reliability for both Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET networks. Together, through Belden’s MIPP and DataTuff patch cords, copper cables can be terminated and linked to active equipment in an organized and structured manner. One MIPP Copper Patch Panel can terminate and patch up to 24 copper cables.

-- For networks using both fiber and copper cabling in place, the MIPP Mix integrates the connection of both cabling infrastructures in one single solution. With high port-density and flexibility, the combination of copper and fiber ports can include up to six modules per device.

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Each of the MIPPs are constructed of lightweight, high-strength aluminum in order to securely protect the cabling connections under the harshest industrial conditions. The products’ rugged design and UL 1863 certification is geared to deliver peace of mind to network engineers and system installers in environments including power transmission and distribution, transportation, alternative power generation, machine building and automation.

“There’s a clear trend in the use of both industrial Ethernet and fiber infrastructures in industrial networks. Our customers have been looking for a single solution to connect either fiber or copper cabling, or a combination of both,” says Loredana Coscotin, product marketing manager for industrial cable at Belden. “The enhancements to our MIPPs do just that – offering efficient, low maintenance and secure connections between cables and switches in performance-critical applications.”

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