Cleaning tool for MPO fiber-optic connectors

Sticklers says its MPO CleanClicker is good for 600 cleanings using a gentle action that minimizes the risk of endface damage.

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Sticklers has added the MPO CleanClicker to its portfolio of fiber-optic cleaning tools. The company characterizes the new product as “designed to perfectly clean MPO type ribbon connectors in any size, any scale fiber-optic network.” The company’s executive vice president, Tom Tattersall, said, “With the addition of the new Sticklers MPO CleanClicker connector cleaner, a technician can now use a Sticklers brand product to quickly clean anY MPO array-style connector at any network in any company.

“Each MPO CleanClicker provides 600 cleanings using a gentle action that minimizes risk of damage to the endface. A technician can clean particulate, oil and dirt from ribbon-style connectors in two seconds, and literally for pennies per clean.”

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