Leviton acquires AV-control provider BitWise

Sept. 10, 2014
Company provides automation controllers, including app-based GUIs, for spaces like boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants and home theaters.

On September 9 Leviton announced it has acquired BitWise Controls LLC, which designs and manufactures control and monitoring solutions for commercial and residential facilities' audio-video systems. Leviton said it “has been carrying BitWise Controls’ automation controllers for some time and is excited to welcome them into Leviton.”

The company also stated that the acquisition brings BitWise’s entire product line into Leviton, “including their iPhone/iTouch/iPad and Android app-based GUIs that are easy to use and simple to install, with drag-and-drop programming, and the recently launched handheld remote control. Additionally, Leviton will offer the BitWise app on the popular OmniTouch 7 for application when fixed touchscreens are required.”

BitWise’s chief executive officer Jay McLellan said the acquired company and Leviton are “a perfect fit … We look forward to providing continued innovation to our customers.”

Leviton’s chief operating officer Daryoush Larizadeh said the deal “demonstrates Leviton’s commitment to strategic growth and innovation through acquisitions.”

The deal comes a month after Leviton acquired ClickOn Technology, a South Africa-based manufacturer of automation technology for commercial and residential applications. Among the products brought into Leviton’s portfolio with the ClickOn acquisition is a remote-control system “that provides convenient, secure and reliable control of any electrical system and appliance from a single remote control,” Leviton said when it announced that deal on August 4.

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