Fusion-splicer systems include strippers, cleaning equipment, and cleavers

America Ilsintech’s All-In-One splicer solutions are used in commercial, government, FTTx, CATV and OSP installations.

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America Ilsintech recently announced the introduction of the All-In-One Optical Fusion Splicer product series. “All units in this category include thermal stripper, cleaning bottle, precision cleaver, fusion splicer and sleeve heater,” the company said. Products in the series include the Swift S5, Swift F1 and Swift R5. America Ilsintech describes each product as follows.

Swift S5 (pictured)—Single-fiber, core-alignment for splicing fiber-to-fiber or fiber-to-connector in low-loss-budget applications. Suggested price: $13,500.

Swift F1—Single-fiber, clad-alignment for splicing fiber-to-fiber or fiber-to-connector at the user interface. Suggested price: $7,500.

Swift R5—Ribbon-fiber, clad-alignment for splicing fiber-to-fiber up to 12 fibers, or fiber-to-connectors. Suggested price: $13,900.

Content Dam Cim Online Articles 2014 09 Swift S5 Small

The company said the introduction of these patented products has been well-received in commercial, government, FTTx, cable-TV and outside-plant markets. Brad Everette, eastern regional manager for America Ilsintech, stated, “The Swift All-In-One product line brings the best of every splicing component and practice into a single, easily manageable unit. While the technology is quite sophisticated, this is the most user-friendly splicing equipment available.”

America Ilsintech, based in Dallas, was founded in 1982 as a high-precision tool manufacturer and began supplying optical-fiber termination products in 1999. “Starting with optical fiber cleavers, Ilsintech continued introducing many other optical fiber termination and splicing products such as core-alignment splicer, clad-alignment splicer integrated with thermal auto stripper and cleaver, splice-on connector, single-action cleaver, angle cleaver, ultrasonic cleaver, thermal automatic stripper, [and others]” the company concluded.

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