Legrand launches ‘meeting-room makeover’ contest

Company will use its InteGreat series of products to straighten out a selected messy meeting space.


In conjunction with the introduction of new products for cable management in meeting rooms, Legrand is launching a “Meeting Room Makeover” contest in which contestants submit a photo of messy wiring and cabling in a meeting room. The contest’s grand prize is the renovation of a meeting space with Wiremold brand cable-management products as well as a new 60-inch flat panel TV monitor.

“InteGreat products make AV, data and communications systems more accessible and easier to use by providing convenient network connection points while also hiding cords and cables to reduce clutter and trip-hazards,” the company said. “These products include the InteGreat Series Transition Channel, InteGreat Series Cable Management, and InteGreat Series A/V Table Box.”


Jeff McDermott, product manager, added, “We know there are a lot of messy meeting rooms with tangled cables, work-around wiring, and duct tape on the floor. Cleaning up used coffee cups and old food containers is not our business, but we’re looking to help our winner get rid of poor cable management that gets in the way of productive meetings.”

The contest runs through October 17. You can find details here.

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