Webinar examines cabling for harsh environments

Feb. 28, 2014
Online seminar March 19 will discuss cable, connectivity and media conversion performing in industrial and other demanding environments.

A web seminar hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance will take a look at how cabling-system components can stand up to challenging physical environments, and when it is appropriate for designers, installers and users of cabling systems can incorporate these technologies into their networks. “Cabling Systems for Industrial and other Demanding Environments” will be held live Wednesday, March 19 at 1pm EDT. Thereafter it will be available for on-demand viewing for a period of six months. The seminar will include presentations titled “Protecting Cable from the Elements,” “Hardened Media Converters for Harsh Environments,” and “Connectivity Technologies Surviving the Elements.” Confirmed speakers include Keith Ross, global director of networking products for Black Box Corporation (presenting on media converters) and Mike Nager, vice president with Metz Connect (presenting on connectivity).

Cabling Installation & Maintenance describes the seminar’s theme and content as follows: “Many environments can place tougher physical demands on network infrastructure than those commonly found in typical commercial office-building environments. Whether the environment is a manufacturing shop floor with noise interference, an outdoor network sometimes exposed to the elements, or one with extreme atmospheric conditions, the cabling systems that support signal transmission must exhibit the physical toughness to stand up to rigorous demands. This webcast seminar looks at the physical characteristics of cabling systems and components that are necessary for success when the transmission environment puts stress on the infrastructure.”

The seminar is scheduled to run approximately one hour in duration. Individuals who attend the seminar in its entirety are eligible to receive one ITS continuing education credit toward BICSI’s professional credentials. You can find more information on the seminar and its speakers here and register for it here.

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