E2000 connector has 0.1-dB insertion loss, 80-dB return loss

The LSH connector from trans data elektronik features a zirconia ceramic ferrule and metal dust protectors.


trans data elektronik’s (tde) E2000 connector achieves 0.1-dB insertion loss and 80-dB return loss, the company says, “thanks to especially close-fit components” as well as tde’s “optimized production process.” The company says the connector is suitable for high-availability applications including telecommunications, sensor technology, medical and measurement technology as well as data centers and LANs.

It meets TIA 604-16 (FOCIS 16) specifications for LSH connectors.


“The connector includes anti-dust flaps made of metal,” tde explains. “The self-closing aperture provides protection against dust and damage and at the same time shields the eyes of the user against laser rays. The E2000 is characterized by its compact and mechanically sturdy design, and is available in simplex or duplex versions.” The connector includes a zirconia ceramic ferrule.

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