M12 plug for Gigabit Ethernet

Metz Connect's X-coded M12 plug is Category 6A rated as well as dirt- and moisture-resistant in accordance with IP67.

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Metz Connect has expanded its offering of M12 plug-connector offering by introducing a new version of the X-coded M12 plug connector for Gigabit Ethernet applications. The introduction follows that of the two-pair D-coded M12 plug connectors for industrial Ethernet, which occurred in 2010.

The company explains that the X-coded M12 plug connectors are Category 6A, 500-MHz rated for Gigabit-range transmission rates. "Due to mechanical and electrical strength, they are perfectly suited for harsh industrial environments," the company says. "When inserted they are dirt- and moisture-resistant in accordance with IP67."

Additionally, the 360-degree shielding ensures electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity, Metz Connect says, as well as secure and reliable connections.

The Profinet User Organization has officially added the X-coded M12 plug connectors to its wiring manuals, Metz Connect says.

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