MRJ21 preterminated copper cabling system for 10-GbE

TE Connectivity's MRJ21 XG is based on the high-density MRJ21 connector interfaces, features shielded cabling for crosstalk immunity, and accommodates top-of-rack, end-of-row and middle-of-row 10-GbE architectures.

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The MRJ21 XG from TE Connectivity is a preterminated copper cabling system designed to deliver 10-Gbit Ethernet throughput in all architectures where copper cabling is required. It is based on TE Connectivity's MRJ21 high-density interface and, according to the manufacturer, helps facilitate management of data center rack and floor space, density and throughput - all while capitalizing on its ease-of-deployment and quick installation.

"Due to the ever-increasing penetration of 10GBase-T switches and blades in the data center, the need to quickly deploy a 10-GbE copper system with minimal white-space consumption has become critical," explained TE Connectivity when announcing the system. "The MRJ21 XG system, comprising cable assemblies, cassettes and Category 6A shielded patch cords, answers this challenge by delivering unparalleled space savings, density and throughput, with the rich feature set data center managers have come to expect from TE network infrastructure solutions."

TE Connectivity lists the MRJ21 XG system's key attributes as follows.

  • Preterminated copper system delivering 10-GbE throughput while consuming 37 percent less space than traditional twisted-pair systems
  • Support of multiple 10-Gbit architectures, including top-of-rack, end-of-row and middle-of-row
  • Support for "green" IT initiatives by improving airflow and energy efficiency with lower cable volumes
  • Plug-and-play design that delivers greater ease of deployment and quick installation of additional capacity and service
  • A shielded construction that ensures the highest levels of immunity to crosstalk

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