VoIP system operates over any grade legacy copper wiring

PCN's UltraEdge system provides VoIP Ethernet services over legacy copper wiring at distances of up to 1500 feet.

PCN (San Diego, CA), a supplier of connectivity platforms for legacy copper wiring, has introduced its UltraEdge system, designed to enable rapid deployment of VoIP and Unified Communication data networks.

Using any grade copper, the UltraEdge VoIP system easily interfaces to existing junction boxes, legacy PBX consoles, or other wiring infrastructure already in place. With a single Ethernet connection to access the Internet or outside data networks, PCN says the system requires limited IT knowledge for installation and enables access and transport for IP device connectivity across the network's edge.

“Customers love the fact that they can easily install the multi-channel router at their old PBX locations or at other junction wiring, and then simply drop a plug-and-play UltraEdge module anywhere to have immediate access to high-bandwidth VoIP networks,” comments Jeff Davis, VP of sales for PCN.

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The UltraEdge IP network platform leverages PCN’s 19” rack mount multi-channel server (PCN3485-MCS4) for 10/100 IP transport to every UltraEdge module (PCN3485-SCC1), enabling access for VoIP-enabled phones or other devices. Unlike traditional media converters, each UltraEdge module also functions as a full Ethernet switch, with each endpoint offering access for up to three Ethernet RJ45 ports.

Also, as distinct from ordinary DSL extenders and converter technologies, the UltraEdge system is built on PCN’s patented Dynamic Adaptive Channeling data prioritization algorithms -- which run over 500 times per second in real time scanning, monitoring and managing the physical layer of legacy copper, looking for anomalies and moving IP data to its most optimum spot on the wire. This method not only provides 3x the noise immunity of DSL, claims the company, but also enables "distance stretching."

PCN says the combination of proprietary physical layer technologies allows for more reliability and robustness in VoIP systems, while providing access to IP at distances up to 1500 feet.

The UltraEdge VoIP system supports high-speed 10/100Base-T Ethernet across any grade copper wiring topology, including multi-drop, daisy chain, point-to-point and others, allowing access in the far reaches of a building or cabling installation. PCN says the VoIP system supports third party standard Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switching, QoS and a variety of network security features including port security, multi-level passwords, DoD protections, SSH and SSL for encryption.

Ultimately, PCN contends that, without having to run any new structured cabling, the UltraEdge system allows owners and integrators to instantly leverage and take advantage of legacy wiring as if their facility was just wired with new Cat 5/6 cabling.

“PCN provides its UltraEdge VoIP and Unified Communication systems and services largely to qualified network providers, system integrators and large enterprise customers," adds PCN's Davis. "They continue to tell us they need a solution that not only solves the IP integration problem across legacy copper for any wiring topology, but one that also allows them to continue using existing analog and digital solutions until their entire IP migration is complete. The PCN UltraEdge system does just that."

More information is available at www.pcntechnology.com.

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